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Stucco has proven to be an attractive, durable and low maintenance building material that is very popular across Florida. Stucco is ideal for use in Florida construction because of its balance of beautiful aesthetics, cost effectiveness and versatility.

Stucco requires a well-designed wall system, quality materials and expert installation to perform properly. Sadly, a large portion of new homes in Florida suffer from poorly executed stucco applications. These shortcomings cause cracking, deterioration and water intrusion over time.

Aptitude Associates is a team of experts that gets the call when a stucco system has failed and needs to be repaired and replaced properly. Our stucco restoration and painting services will restore your home to a healthy, dry and attractive condition.

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Our Services

  • Stucco Restoration
  • Stucco Repair
  • Stucco Reinstallation
  • Painting
  • Siding

Our Customers

  • Homeowners
  • Construction Defect Claims
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Property Managers
  • Others

Aptitude Associates is Florida’s leading stucco restoration, painting and siding contractor. All of our work is compliant with local building codes and ASTM standards.


Who are Aptitude Associates?

We are a team of construction industry professionals with decades of home building experience. We understand the root problems of poorly installed stucco on Florida homes and how to make things right.

Created to Serve You

Founded in 2015 by Sonm Anazia, we are dedicated to serving the needs of homebuyers who have been impacted by construction defects. We believe that it is our expertise, honesty, fair pricing and quality work that set us apart.

Why We Do It

The comfort, safety and health of our customers is our top priority. Every day as we drive home from a project, we know we helped another family have a safe, healthy and dry home.

Quality Service & Commitment

Your home deserves to be maintained properly to ensure it remains attractive, dry and healthy. Aptitude Associates has over 35 years’ experience in stucco, painting and siding. Our pledge to our customers is that we always use highly trained crews, high quality materials and expert supervision on every step in the stucco, paint or siding process.

Stucco Restoration

No matter the causes of your stucco problems, we can fix it. Our expert repair and restoration services bring your home to safe, dry and attractive condition so that you can rest assured everything is OK.

Residential Painting

A quality sealant and paint treatment are part of every stucco project we do. We also provide painting services to homeowners who need to refresh their current paint or want an entirely new color scheme.

Residential Siding

Are you looking for expert siding installation? We offer full siding installation services for existing homes as well as new additions. Depending upon where you live and local codes, we offer vinyl (PVC), fiber cement and aluminum siding options.