Aptitude Associates Inc.

Sonm Anazia is the Founder and President of Aptitude Associates. He is a graduate of the University of Florida as well as a licensed General Contractor since 2006. Sonm has had a distinguished career spanning two decades with an extraordinary track record of success.

Working as a senior level supervisor and project manager for some of the building industry’s most well-known production home builders operating in the state of Florida, it was his job to personally manage and oversee the construction of many thousands of homes during his career. Over time, he saw an opportunity to improve the lives of Florida homeowners by creating a new firm dedicated to providing affordable solutions for stucco defects that cause water intrusion issues.

To solve these common problems, Sonm founded Aptitude Associates, a highly expert stucco, paint and siding firm dedicated to providing cost-efficient repair solutions for newer homes that were experiencing problems with their stucco, leading to cosmetic and structural damage. Because locating and correcting the source of the problem is a specialized skill, Sonm sought out technicians and supervisors with the highest levels of technical expertise to locate and repair existing defects and the damage that they cause.

Sonm Anazia - Aptitude Associates
Residential stucco restoration work

Founded in 2015

Since 2015, Sonm and his team of experienced professionals from the residential building industry have become well-recognized in the Florida construction industry as experts in the field of stucco repair and restoration services. Aptitude Associates’ reputation for exceptional work and affordable pricing has allowed it to grow exponentially. Today, Aptitude Associates operates in all major cities across Florida and continues its mission to help Florida homeowners recover from problems caused by damaged or faulty stucco.