Professional Painting Services

Serving the State of Florida

We offer home exterior painting – not just on our stucco repair projects, but for any Florida home that needs a high-quality new paint job, no matter what the exterior finish may be. Every step of the process from initial consultation to final inspection is guaranteed to create durable protection and a beautiful new look for your home.

We take great pride in respecting our customers and their property to ensure the home painting experience is as hassle free, enjoyable and exciting as it can be. When you call Aptitude Associates, we will provide you with a free written estimate as well as a full disclosure of the scope of work we will undertake to repaint your home.

Should you live in a community with established paint schemes that must be complied with, we will ensure all work is in adherence to the required styles so that no adverse repercussions will arise from the painting project.

Residential painting services - Florida

Residential Siding Services

Serving the State of Florida

Fiber cement siding, sometimes called “Hardie Board” provides an inexpensive, attractive and maintenance free exterior wall system for many Florida homes. Hardie Board is a lap joint material that provides an extremely long-lasting cladding system to exterior walls. The versatility, durability and additional insulation value of siding are a big part of the continued popularity of fiber cement siding. Aptitude Associates is a licensed, insured and experienced contractor that you can count on to do the job right.

Our highly trained and professional installers will provide an expert installation of your siding, paint the siding and trim to your approved color scheme and fully clean up after completion. Our work will create a wonderful new look for your home that will last for many years.

Call today for a free estimate to install the siding of your choice on your home.

Residential siding services - Florida